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What is Birth Photography?

No, it's not just me taking photographs of your private area. First and foremost, it’s art. Your photographs will be captured in a documentary or candid style, different from your usual family portraits. Your images will be truthful, artistic, emotional, story-telling images.  They can be as graphic as you wish. (Crowning photographs are only captured upon request of the client)

Why Hire a Birth Photographer

*No two births are the same.  Your baby will never be this little ever again.  The little baby things will be gone in the blink of an eye.  Photos, however, will last forever.  Especially our fine art archival prints.
*There are some incredible, precious moments that occur during births.  You will be so focused on the task at hand, you might not even realize they happen.  Birth photography makes those fleeting moments unforgettable.
*Birth stories are as much about you as they are your baby, if not more.  This is the story of how you created and gave life.  It is the story of your strength and empowerment.  You will never be the same again because of it.
*Your partner has a job to do, too.  They are there to support you and be in the moment just as much as you.  With birth photography, your partner doesn't have to miss out on the experience to stop and take a picture.  Instead, the can be in the story they are 100% part of.
*Occasionally, mother nature has other plans for your birth, such as premature delivery or emergency C-section.  Often there is no time to prepare your bag much less a camera.  With a birth photographer on call you won't miss anything.
*Shooting in dark rooms and poor lighting is hard.  It takes special gear, equipment, and professional knowledge that requires a large investment of both time and money.  With the best gear for the job and years of education and practice, we ensure your photographs are professional and tell a great story.
*When your child learns to ride a bike, starts Kindergarten, graduates high school, or has a baby of their own, you'll be looking back.  It will be that bittersweet realization of how fast time really does go by.  With your birth story you will be able to return to the first day looking through your birth album, and you will smile because you have all the memories right there in your hands.
*If you thought your wedding was filled with emotions you haven't seen anything yet!  There are so many wonderful emotions that make this experience the best of your life, not to mention they make for great photos!
I promise you. You won't regret it. Because nothing can compare to that moment when you and your baby meet for the first time...when two become three... when a family is born.
What's your birth story

Maybe you don't want the full birth photographed and maybe you want more.  Choose your perfect story and enjoy your greatest love story forever!



Investment $3499 + gst
For the mom who wants to document the entire story
From finding out you're pregnant and sharing the news to bringing baby home for the first time, this is an exciting and monumental event.  Bundle your joy with our Heirloom Birth session.  Includes a Pregnancy Announcement/Gender Reveal Mini, Maternity Mini Session, Birth Story session and up to 2 hours the first day at home.  That first day is just as awe inspiring and full of special moments as the birth itself.
Includes a 40 page 8x10 Album of your story.
Session Investment, No Album: $3299 + gst


Investment: $2499 + gst
For the mom who wants to document babe's first breath
There is no greater moment than the birth of a child.  Emotions run the gamut during these fleeting moments.  The Boutique Story session captures them all.
Your Boutique Story session includes on call availalbity, coverage of active labor & delivery plus the first few hours after delivery while you bond with your baby.  We even stay long enough to capture your family's arrival to meet your new bundle
Includes a 20 page 8x10 Album of your story.
Session Investment, No Album: $2299 + gst
IPBA-3064 copy
IPBA-3028-2 copy


Investment:  $1199 + gst
For the mom who just wants the first 48hr details
For those who prefer to keep the deliver a private affair.  The Pure session will focus simply on the documentation of details after babe is born.  In other words, a Fresh 48 Session.
We spend up to 2 hrs capturing your time bonding with babe in the hospital.  This package is unique and flexible.
Includes a 20 page 8x8 album of your story.
Session Investment, No album: $999 + gst
**Please note full payment is required 30 days prior to your due date to ensure your birth photography is confirmed and captured by Inspired Photography by Andrea**
How many photos do you produce?
The number of photos depends upon the story option and length of the birth and how long I am with you.  It may be anywhere from 50 images to 500.
How do we get our photographs?
It can take anywhere from six to eight weeks to complete the editing process of your photographs.  Because of the number of photographs I take and the fact they are individually edited by hand, working through them takes some time to ensure you receive the highest quality possible.
Do you share photos publicly?
My business is built on photographs.  It is how you found me, and how others will find me in the future.  I do share photos from birth stories on public media in order to market services; however, I am always mindful of their sensitive & personal nature.  I am always considerate and respectful of my clients and will never post graphic photographs without your consent.
What are your payment options?
Payments can be made via credit card, E-transfer, or cash.  You have the option to pay in full or make a payment arrangement.  A $250 non-refundable booking retainer is paid to secure your due date on the schedule.  The balance of the birth session is due 30 days prior to due date.  In the event you decide to upgrade your birth session after booking, the difference must be paid in full prior to delivery.
How far do you travel?
I service the Calgary & surrounding areas.  Any distance outside of Calgary city limits is subject to a mileage fee.  Scheduled C-sections can be booked for further outlying areas.
Do you interact or direct us during our birth?
I never pose or direct a birth.  I am much more of a fly on the wall observing, capturing, and staying out of the way of those who have  a job to do.  As for interactions, I will chat with you if you feel like chatting.  I will encourage you when you need it, but for the most part I keep quietly to myself in the corner of the room.
What if I don't want 'Personal' photos?
I understand that every mama's personal preferences for their birth story are different.  Some mama's want EVERY detail, while others just want the cute new baby stuff.  No matter what your preference is, I document within your requested comfort level.  There are different angles and areas I can capture to fit your ideal comfort level.  We can discuss more of this during your consult to ensure you are getting as much (or as little) of the story you want.
Who calls you when I'm in labor?
Typically your other half, family member, or support person attending to you during your birth will be designated to contact me.  If you're working with a doula, they generally will be there person responsible for communication.
What is active labor?
Active labor is labor that is progressing with consistent contractions that are longer, stronger, and closer together.  I typically arrive when you are in confirmed active labor and you are dilated 5cm unless otherwise discussed.
What if I go into labor in the middle of the night?
CALL ME!!!!  That's part of my job and it's the nature of birth.  I'm there for you no matter what time you are in active labor.
What if I go into labor early?
I try my best to be there.  Unless I am at another birth or out of town, I will be there.
What if you miss the birth?
Birth sometimes happens very quickly or very early.  It is very important that you communicate with me as soon as possible so that I can be ready and arrive in time.
What if I don't like flash or lights?
My equipment is advanced enough to capture images in the lowest lighting conditions.  When I do use flash, I use tricks and tools to ensure the light is not harsh or hitting you directly.  Using flash does support sharp, clear images; however, it will not make or break your story.  It will only mean your images will have some grain and slight loss of details.
What if I want you to stop shooting?
I respect any request you have during your birth story.  I will quietly step out of the room during labor and/or post part until you would like me to come back in.  That being said a refund will not be granted if I am asked to leave.
Are you a midwife or doula?
I am not.  I am simply a photographer and I do not possess the skills or training of midwives or doulas.  I do, however work closely with your midwives and doulas to ensure I support your birth and birth story to the best of my ability.
What if I need a C-section?
Coverage of C-sections depends on the hospital and the situation.  If we know ahead of time, we will work with your OB and hospital to get permission to attend. In the even of an emergency c-section no one is permitted in the OR, possibly including your other half.  In these situations, I will continue telling the story as it unfolds.
What if there is an emergency?
In the event that an emergency does arise, I will use best judgment and may or may not continue documenting the event depending on the situation.  If you or your baby need help, I step completely out of the way so that the medical staff can do their jobs and take care of both of you.  Your health is the most important focus of the day.  i will begin shooting again when all situations are handled.  If you are delivering at home or at a birth centre and need to be transferred to the hospital, I will follow you and meet you there.  I will continue shooting when able.
I really want a birth story, but can't really afford it.
I understand birth photography is an investment, almost as big as your wedding.  A lot of work goes into birth photography.  We may be there for 4 hours or 24 hours.  Following that I spend a minimum of two weeks ending and developing your completed story.
To help offset your costs and get the story package our heart desires, you can set up a payment plan or take advantage of our birth registry to which your friends and family can contribute to your birth story in lieu of shower gifts.

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